rue's dictionary | volume 1






When anyone wears a hat, point to it and say “ah-dah!"

suspected etymology: 

When Rue was about six months old, I discovered that I could make her laugh by putting something on my head, then pretending to sneeze so it fell off. Soon, she started trying it, too—except that she couldn’t say “ah-choo,” only “ah-da.” Now, anything that goes on a head is an “ah-da."

vaguely related:

1. Hats are a popular topic in our household—not only does Rue delight in talking about them, but Ike is actually terrified of them, and has been since he was a puppy. If we want him to leave us alone, asking "do you want a hat?" usually does the trick.

2. In preparation for her first bike ride, I've been following Rue around with a helmet for the past week telling her it's her "special hat" and clapping every time it touches her head. 

State of the Baby: We All Smell Like Cottage Cheese (7 months)


7 months | 1 month

Dalia loves: 

+ 4:45 am. I mean, who doesn't love waking up at 4:45 am? (HINT IT'S ME)

+ Grabbing my face. At 4:45 am. 

+ Dad. When he walks in the room, she looks at him like he's a celebrity. For reference, when I walk into the room she smiles and then says the baby equivalent of HUBBA HUBBA and starts trying to take off my shirt. AT 4:45 am. 

+ Smacking. If she's ever smiling in a picture, it's probably because I was smacking.

+ Also, everything. She pretty much loves everything.

Dalia hates:

+ Waiting too long to eat. I get it -- I mean, have you ever had to wait in line for brunch? As Mindy Kaling once said, Hell is waiting in line for brunch.

+ The supermoon. Or maybe she loves it? Either way, she did NOT want to sleep that night. 

+ The first 10 seconds of being in a new position. 

The four stages of bath time: anger, joy, VOGUE, VOGUE.

New tricks:

+ When you blow in her face, she smiles in a way that can only be described as coy, and bats her eyelashes like she's a model in front of a wind machine. 

+ Petting the dog. And by that I mean petting the dog, and then clutching his fur in her tiny fist, and then pulling out hundreds of tiny hairs, and then sprinkling them around the house.  

+ She knows where all plugs and wires are at all times. Looking for your phone charger? Dalia will find it in 10 seconds flat. That usb cord you stored away knowing you  might need it someday? Hire Dalia to track it down. 

+ When you come into her room in the morning and turn on the light, she blinks in surprise... and then faceplants. 

Current Nicknames:

+ Roo Roo, short for Dalia Ruth

+ Booger, because why not?

+ Silly Goosenik because... too many hours of watching The Americans? Who knows. 

If I were to write a memoir about this time I'd call it:

Mama Needs Her Hair Back or We All Smell Like Cottage Cheese