much love monday: a furry heart {wbthirty day 5}

We're pretty sure that yesterday was Ike's second birfday. There are many things I've noticed since having Ike, like that all "th" sounds are now pronounced "f". Or that instances of saying "oh my goodness" have increased tenfold. Or that when your dog allows you to make him wear a pair of your glasses, you should capitalize on that and take as many pictures as possible, because it will probably never happen again.

The other day I started to wonder if Y was jealous of Ike. When I come home from work, Y gets an enthusiastic "Hi!" and maybe a kiss, if he's lucky.

But Ike... on Friday when I came home, I pulled Ike into my lap and spent ten minutes telling him how he is just the greatest little man on the face of the earth, and how impressed I was by how wide he opened his mouth when he yawned, and how squeezable his widdle belly rolls were.

I owe Y an apology. Y, your non existent belly rolls are squeezable too. But your mouth opening while yawning is not worthy of my praise.