Day 15: A YouTube Video: Ike vs The Robot

One of my least favorite things ever is hair - mainly, hair that isn't attached to anything.  The thought of it makes me shudder. Luckily I'm really good at coming up with excuses and have never had to clean my hair from the shower drain, and it has officially become Y's job.

Today's post was supposed to be me participating in something called "Fill in the Blank Friday", a series of fill in the blank questions that changes weekly. But today's topic was hair. I'm tired of talking about hair. First I posted about my awful fashion show hair. Then yesterday, as you may know if you follow me on twitter, I got a haircut. Given my hatred of unattached hair, getting a haircut is like going to the dentist in my book. An hour covered in little hairs? I'd rather get a root canal. (Which I've had. It didn't hurt.)

And then, to top it all off, both my hairdresser (who used to be a nurse) and Y decided to describe -- in depth -- a type of tumor that is filled with hair. I gagged. My quota was reached. So I decided to show you a youtube video instead. You're welcome, trust me -- you didn't want to read about "my best hair day" or "my go-to hair". 

Happy weekend!

you would spray paint too, if it happened to you

I failed my WBThirty challenge, didn't I? I was very busy watching a terrible weekend of football and hosting a pumpkin carving party at which I did not carve, but instead spray painted, a pumpkin. Everyone made fun of me. At my own party. It was like a third grade nightmare.

But I like my tacky gold pumpkin. In fact, I'm pretty sure the pumpkin is now my house's greatest asset. Right after Ike. Speaking of Ike, he wore a tie.

And someone carved a potentially really offensive abortion pumpkin. I can't think of one successful party that didn't have an abortion pumpkin. So I guess we succeeded?

Edited to add: My friend Lindsey posted pictures of the party from her fancy camera to her cute blog, focused LINZ.

Also edited to add: LOOK. Another gold pumpkin.

WBThirty will continue tomorrow. Some late night photoshopped masterpieces will be included. Get excited!