The Spring 2016 Digest

A recap of spring 2016 in moments, stories, and photos. (Winter 2016 is right over here.)

TRIP: birmingham, alabama

Standing alone at a bat mitzvah. If Rue’s adolescence is anything like mine, this is a classic example of foreshadowing. 

MEAL: marilyn’s in shreveport, louisiana

A great trip to Louisiana turns epic when we stumble upon an Easter brunch buffet at our favorite Shreveport restaurant. Red beans and rice. Biscuits and gravy. Beignets. This is the Louisiana we miss.

MOMENT: stitches

You know how they always tell you trust your mama instincts? What if your instinct tells you not to worry about your baby falling onto a brick fireplace? What if your instinct is like, “what’s the worst that can happen? A scrape? We’ve got bandaids!"

That’s how it happens that one minute, four of us are sitting two feet away from toddling Rue, watching as she teeters near the edge of—then faceplates into— the fireplace. 

The next minute, four of us are in the emergency department. (One of us has a shoulder covered in blood — that’s me) 

The next minute, two of us are singing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star directly into a tiny ear, shushing screams as a surgeon and a needle do their work.  

Thanks, instincts.


TRIP: a hotel in dallas

At a conference in Dallas, I never leave the hotel. But, as you can see, I learn a lot.

MOMENT: prince

Coincidentally, we are downtown the night of Prince’s death, swallowed in a crowd of mourners. At an empty Italian restaurant, Purple Rain plays on repeat as the entire city murmurs in hushed tones. More thoughts here. 


Worth the two hour lightning delay. 


OUTING: lisa congdon

My friend H and I are super inspired by the artist Lisa Congdon at Creative Mornings. H turns her inspiration into action and actually makes more art. I buy a lot of watercolor pens and find a nice place for them under my bed. Someday, maybe, I’ll use them. 

OUTFIT: pink overalls

Rue wears the Osh Kosh b’gosh overalls I wore as a wee toddler

SMELL: spring flowers