the winter 2016 digest

I tried to write a quick 2016 recap, but it turns out I'm wordy. For now, here are moments and more from winter 2016-- stay tuned for the rest of the year (I know you're on the edge of your seat.)

MOMENT: celebrity encounter

“Oops, sorry,” I say to the person I’ve just backed my chair into. It’s lunchtime, it’s crowded, my coat weighs 600 pounds, and I’m trying to squeeze out of a tiny restaurant in downtown Minneapolis. 

“No problem,” she says, and I realize I went to college with her in Louisiana. 

Wait, that’s not quite right.

But I know I recognize her from college. She reminds me of watching TV in my best friend’s apartment.

OH. She was ON the TV in my best friend’s apartment. 

I'm across the room by the time I connect the dots. It’s January, so I recently probably made some resolution like “DON’T BE SHY” or “DO THE UNEXPECTED” or “INTERRUPT A CELEBRITY HAVING LUNCH” so, I walk back to her table and say hi. She is super nice. I am super sweaty.  I haven’t seen any celebrities at the bachelor farmer since. 

PURCHASE: my new favorite coat


OUTING: drag brunch


I’m determined not to let having a toddler keep me from doing fun things, so naturally my 11 month-old accompanies me to a Sister Act themed drag brunch on a rooftop. In my diaper bag I pack diapers, maracas, and noise canceling headphones.  

PURCHASE: xylophone

On a cold night in January, Y picks up Rue from daycare. He can barely drag her away from a xylophone, so he drives her straight from daycare to a toy store to buy her one of her very own. As they step out of the heated parking garage to walk to the toy store, he remembers Rue doesn't have a coat on. This will not stop his mission—SHE MUST HAVE A XYLOPHONE. He tucks her into his jacket, and they come home, sure enough,  xylophone  in tow (also a tambourine, which Ike promptly eats.)

MILESTONE: rue turns one

(thanks Bri for the photos!)

For weeks beforehand, I eat tub after tub of Noosa (OH THE SACRIFICE) so that I can give Rue the creme de la creme of presents: a set of empty yogurt containers. Ten months later, she's still playing with them. Moral of the story: trash makes a great gift. (I also made her this)

MOMENT: our first art project

On “special person” day at daycare, I’m invited to make an art project with Rue. She’s very advanced at art, her teacher tells me, because she doesn’t try to put the feathers in her mouth. 

MILESTONE: i start writing for twin cities moms blog