Twin Cities Coffeeshops

I hate coffee, but I love coffeeshops. The music, people-watching, and constant activity spark my creativity and help me concentrate (and I enjoy my frequent eavesdropping breaks.) 

Each of my favorite places has a personality, so I recommend you choose your location based on your current project:

Your project: post an aesthetically pleasing photo of a cup of coffee. 

Where to go: Spyhouse | North Loop location. With marble tables and impeccable latte art, the North Loop Spyhouse guarantees at least 37 likes on your Instagram post.  

The vibe: corporate man bun

Favorite treat: the Spygirl, a predictable yet delicious lavender latte

Your assignment: dream up your next large scale mural

Where to go: Spyhouse |  Nicollet location. You'll be surrounded by other artists, fresh from a sleepless night in their studio at Minneapolis College of Art and Design down the street.

The vibe: art school grunge

Favorite treat: the Spygirl again, but when you get hungry, you're on Eat Street, so you should probably get pho.

Your assignment: an emotional chapter of your memoir. 

Where to go: Quixotic Coffee | Highland Park. Curl up in a dusky booth at the back of the shop and let the warmth of this place hug you like your mother never did.

The vibe: serious writers; family breakfast; one time I saw a Keri Russel lookalike squeal at the top of her lungs "I LOVE lavender in drinks" and stand on top of a stool to get a photo of her coffee. So, whatever that is. It's a mixed bag.

Favorite treat: this place has the best coffeeshop food. I highly recommend the matcha chia pudding. Right now they have an orange clove chai that is perfect. 

Your assignment: create a gig poster for an underground band

Where to go: Five Watt Coffee | KingfieldThe hum of conversation is your playlist. The fliers lining the bar are your inspiration. The Sweet Science ice cream pints are your reward. Get to work. 

The vibe: hip, loud, crowded, leave your pc at home.

Favorite treat: Nearly every drink is dressed up with bitters and house made syrups, and you can't go wrong with the Kingfield. on Sunday mornings, there's a delightful toast bar. (formerly an oatmeal bar) 

Your assignment: a new post for your style blog

Where to go: Urban Bean | Uptown. You've got an SD card full of outfit shots and 500 words to tap out. This quiet, bright white spot is perfect for your post on your minimalist capsule wardrobe.

The vibe: upscale hipster, inside voice.

Favorite treat: my friend and I had their oatmeal once and it was LUH-GIT but every time we've been back, they haven't had any.