WKND 10.5.15

4 snaps


1. Neighborhood-ish coffee shop | 2. The girls at R's wedding | | 3.  Megan spent a large chunk of her vacation strolling D up and down the aisles of a Target express | | 4. Father daughter dances are best performed with one sock.

4 moments

1 | I was constantly two hours behind this weekend and at one point spent what felt like a full three hours in a pharmacy. Can I get a weekend from the weekend?

2 | A one-time stranger that I met on the internet slept in my basement this weekend and we watched Pitch Perfect 2, sang songs about apple picking, and drank all of the trendy coffee. I think this proves that not everyone you meet online is a creepy old man. Maybe, like, 4% of people. (Hi, Megan and Rob!)

3 | Two years ago, my friend R said "I'm dating a guy. He has a lip ring and he's coming to dinner with us" and we drank too much wine over a prix fixe seafood menu while said guy told hilarious story after hilarious story. Yesterday, they got married in an adorable theater on a lake and they all lived happily ever after! Congratulations to R&G!

4 |  D sat quietly on my lap for over an hour while I got a pedicure. She is officially the Best Baby Ever. Never mind the cucumber she threw in the water (so refreshing?) and the broccoli spear that bounced off of my neighbor's purse. Everyone loves a surprise cruciferous vegetable in their handbag, right?

4 tastes

1 | Hola Arepa. I might need to cool it with the arepas, but they are SO. GOOD. 

2 | I was excited to take my gluten-free friend to Sassy Spoon, a new GF restaurant close by. Their breakfast was...fine, but in the past I've liked their zucchini noodle pad thai takeout, and their homemade chai is amazing. This fall you might find D and I wrapped up in blanket scarves walking through crunchy leaves to get some hot chai.  

3 | I only made it through a few sips of my black pepper and cherry cocktail at Haute Dish on Friday night before I had to go, but I WILL be back for another one. 

4 | I finally convinced Y to try an egg and banana pancake and, as I suspected, he was a fan. Currently I like mine topped with pumpkin, yogurt, walnuts, and a teeny bit of syrup. 


I'm still working on Fates and Furies, which I'm enjoying for the most part, but I'm a little tired of privileged, unhappy characters in my books. Anyone else feeling that way?


We spent a lot of time in the car this weekend,  so a lot of time was spent trying to convince D to sleep. All it takes is a few minutes of 1989. I had to run a completely obnoxious errand on Saturday and, as I told a friend, it took me 10 Taylor Swift Songs to get there and back