two months

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Dalia at one month // Dalia at two months

Dalia Loves:

+ Neil Patrick Harris. I've been listening to his audiobook while feeding her, so I'm pretty sure she thinks he is her mother.

+ That weird eye pattern that's threatening to become stylish. I think I heard her say it was on fleek. Look at that smile... she's into it.

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+ The mating habits of penguins.

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+ Modern art


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+Dance parties. We even have the same favorite French rap song.

Dalia hates:

+ 6 pm - 10 pm.

+ The sound of Ike's tags when he shakes. She throws her tiny little hands up in surprise every time.


+ Opening and closing her fists while eating -- is this something all babies do or does she finally have her first very own Thing?

Lessons learned:

+ I can't fit myself and the carseat through my tiny old kitchen without breaking the knobs off the oven. I guess life in the 1920s was a little smaller.

+ My neighborhood library has a story time for ages 0-2. Great, I thought, That will be a nice walk and maybe I'll meet some people who live in my neighborhood. Side note: there's a weird phenomenon in Minnesota of NEVER seeing your neighbors for 4+ months. It's too cold to spend any more time outside than is absolutely necessary, you see, and outside is where you meet your neighbors. I think I started looking pregnant around November, right when we all went into hibernation mode, so when we walked out of our house in March with a stroller, all of our neighbors were shocked.

Hence the desire to meet some people in my neighborhood.

ANYWAY. Story time at the library. So we get there (late), and as I walk  in I immediately realize that no other child is under the age of 1, and here I am with this little baby who a) doesn't comprehend stories and b) has suddenly fallen asleep. What's the saying? "Watch other people's toddlers read stories while your baby sleeps?" Something like that.

Also, no one else there lived in my neighborhood.


+ On more than one occasion, I've thought:  I REALLY can't leave her in the car for three minutes while I ______? 


+ "I like it when you talk about your milk production. It makes you sound like a country." -- Y