peeing in a cup, spotify, and crop tops: some last thoughts before baby

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39 weeks // 2 weeks

A forgotten post from my 8 million months pregnant brain:

+ Everyone keeps telling me, "you must be ready to have that baby." Technically, yes... we have a crib and a white noise machine and a car seat and a onesie with a hippopotamus. But in reality... even though my back hurts and putting on boots requires a crane, being pregnant seems way easier than making sure a child leads a happy life in a world with ISIS and crop tops and Snapchat. I mean, there's no guarantee that my baby won't someday get the urge to join ISIS (or snapchat, for that matter). These [admittedly ridiculous] thoughts are far worse than a little back pain. IT'S SAFE IN HERE, BABY.

+ Speaking of boots, recently I had something stuck in my boot all day. It was driving me insane, but the thought of taking my boot off and putting it back on again was just way too hard. At the end of the day, I finally took off my shoe, and out came a quarter. CHA CHING.

+ Frequently seen  cliche on social media: comparison is the thief of joy. I've seen a lot of articles lately about how blogs and instagram and pinterest are making us all unhappy and I'm proud to say that I haven't been sucked into it. You have a beautiful home and adorable dog that never sheds? Good job. You do you. I like my perfectly imperfect house and pulling tiny Ike hairs off of my clothes all day.

Then the other day, I peed in my little plastic cup at the doctor's office, put it in the cabinet next to another cup of pee, and spent the next five minutes beating myself up because my pee was darker than the other person's. Why don't you drink more water? I asked myself. Then your pee wouldn't be such a gross color. That person probably has a way better life than you do.

+ I realized that I've been wearing a maternity uniform: a $7 Forever 21 dress, maternity leggings, boots, and a cardigan or blazer. Editor's note: Still wearing it. I might wear maternity leggings forever.


I feel like those five photos of me need to start a girl group. Is that weird? Maybe don't answer that.

+ Modern love is sharing a Spotify Premium account. Editor's note: Fast forward 7 weeks; now our arguments concern which one of us interrupted Dalia's white noise playlist. 

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