maternity pictures + our first major parenting fail

We all know Y's photography track record isn't exactly stellar, but because we were too lazy/cheap/ambivalent to have maternity photos done, I asked him to try harder than he's ever tried at anything ever and take some pictures of me. I think he did a pretty good job. mat1 IMG_3944 copy

In pretty much every photo ever taken of me, I'm looking down and smiling at something. Hint: It's Ike. It's always Ike. In the photo above, he was crouching on the ground, moving back and forth in a way I've never seen him move before.

"What is he doing?" I asked Y calmly. "IS THIS A SEIZURE?!" I thought to myself, less calmly.

Turns out Ike was physically preparing for this feat:

ike crib copy

I may be new at this, but It's totally safe for your dog to jump in your baby's crib, right?

(No, he won't be doing that again.)