checking in

baby 1. They say it takes a village to raise a child, but you never really hear much about the second half of that maxim which is "and that village starts with someone to carry your pouf." So, many thanks to my friend/village member A for carrying the ottoman that now lives in our nursery through a shopping center to my car without any complaints. Later, Y carried it from our garage to the nursery and whined about how heavy it was. I'm voting him off of the village.

2. People love to offer pregnant women their seats. Super nice. Don't stop doing that. Here's the thing: I DON'T WANT YOUR SEAT. When I sit down, feet and elbows and other sharp things start to stab me in the ribs and a knife starts slicing down my back. I'll stand, thanks, or better yet, I'll get on all fours in the corner and do cat/cow stretches. What? That's not appropriate for a board meeting?


3. We've moved past nesting and onto doomsday prepping. We have weeks worth of food (and horrifying DIY post-partum remedies that I don't even want to talk about) in our freezer. I also, as you can see in the above picture, stocked up on razors because in an adorably naive moment at Costco I decided that I would have the time/energy to shave my legs eight times in the next EVER.

4. I'm going to miss being pregnant if only because people make you feel like a HERO for doing every day things. Walking up a flight of stairs? GOLD STAR. Staying at a party until midnight? GOLD MEDAL. Going to the gym? JUST GOT KNIGHTED.

5. Over pancakes this weekend, Y and I started asking each other the questions from the "To fall in love with anyone, take this test" article. He got bored after answering 4 questions and didn't care about any of my answers. We are now madly in love. #nailedit