weekend lessons | 06.08.14

01. Every time I realize that I really, really like a new restaurant, it closes. So, to the powers that be -- wink, wink, nudge, nudge -- I HATED the Rabbit Hole. The poutine with Korean spices and a poached egg? Disgusting. The Korean fried chicken? Tasted like a diaper filled with Indian food. The chef's booth we sat in with a front and center view of the kitchen? The cardboard box of seating options.

 I really hope my SEO is terrible and those lines don't come up in a google search. Please don't close, Rabbit Hole. I loved you.

02. Yesterday it was rainy and gloomy and I found myself getting bored. UNACCEPTABLE. So I took myself to an art museum to see an Edward Hopper exhibit, where I discovered my summer style icon:

(PS, this is the same art museum where we saw the inaugural Internet Cat Video Film Festival, played artist-designed mini golf, and went to a butter churning aerobics class. I freaking love this place.)

03. At the end of the Hopper exhibit, a room was set up with a still life surrounded by easels for you to try your hand at sketching. So I took up an old hobby of mine (not paying attention in class and drawing clothes) and drew the dress the mannequin in a still life was wearing. Here's some brand new information: drawing is surprisingly relaxing.  I was even able to tune out the kid screaming next to me because his drawing wasn't perfect.  I love the dichotomy of these two drawings:

04.  A homemade bagel + soft serve + a 17 mile bike ride = balance. Y and I biked uptown for Open Streets, an event where the city shuts down about 20 blocks of a busy street so pedestrians and cyclists can explore to local stores and restaurants. 

Side note: Amsterdam is a lovely place to visit, but do you know what traveling there has robbed me of? The ability to say "I've never seen so many bikes!" If I had never been to Amsterdam, I probably would have used that phrase about Open Streets.

Anyway, we tried homemade bagels from Common Roots Cafe (delicious, far better than Bruegger's) and World Street Kitchen's ice cream. Picture this: salted caramel soft serve with chocolate sauce, marshmallows and roasted almonds. Worth the 10 minute line -- and the rest of the menu looks pretty tasty. I have a feeling we'll be back. 

05. It's going to take me a lot longer than 2 years to get used to seasons. I still can't wrap my head around the fact that just a few months ago, this:

was this:


reading: I finished Delicious! by Ruth Reichl this weekend. This (vaguely spoilery) review pretty much sums up my thoughts.
listening to: Ray LaMontage, my go-to rainy day music
watching: Orange is the New Black obviously, what am I, a monster?
cooking: this pasta primavera, which I wouldn't say was my favorite thing I've ever made, but a decent way to eat a ton of vegetables.