19 versus 29

With all due respect, Jane Austen, you don't know what you're talking about. There is absolutely no way I am "handsomer" today than I was at age 19. I recently found some old photographs and uncovered a dusty livejournal from my 19th year of life, and in both mind and body, I think you'll see I was definitely "handsomer" at the age of 19.  Since it's now June, the month I leave my 20s behind, I thought I should illustrate precisely what I mean.

Exhibit A: Photographic evidence

19 vs. 29

Exhibit B: Ambitions

Age 19:

[sic]"ive decided that when i grow up im gonna be like carrie and write a column for a newspaper. except i dont want to go through all those bullshit journalism classes. i dont want to interview peopple, and all that jazz, i just want to write about my life. and turn all my little adventures into deeper, column worthy stories. just like carrie.


Guys, 19 year old me described the entire concept of blogging. 

As for today, I think I've found my niche of using my advertising degree and writing skills in the nonprofit sector. 

Exhibit C: Musical tastes

Age 19: 
[sic] did anyone else try to download 'i cant wait' by hilary duff and end up with WHAT IF GOD WAS ONE OF US by joan osborne?!!? who does that?? who lies to poor innocent hilary duff fans like that?

Thanks to Spotify, I'm discovering new music every day and not worrying about streaming the wrong song. Currently I'm loving The XX, Sylvan Esso, Haim, Sara Bareilles, Alabama Shakes, Ray LaMontagne... but just last week my friend A and I had a Hilary Duff dance party in my office. So there's that.

Exhibit D: Literary tastes

Age 19

"why is bergdorf blondes SO genius?"


I listen to autobiographies in my car, have a goal to read a biography of every president, and remember Bergdorf Blondes being one of the most annoying books I've ever read. Then again, I've also read 4 YA novels in the last few months and spent every free moment listening to the new Veronica Mars book. 

Exhibit E: Diet

Age 19: 
In this LiveJournal, I made several references to "going home to eat cereal." Other than that, anything devoid of color (my college roommates used to say I had a "mother of pearl" diet -- eggs, yogurt, mac and cheese)

We're growing broccoli in our back yard. Spinach is a thing that I put in smoothies. Fruit is basically my love language. But we can't keep cereal in the house, or I will eat an entire box in one sitting. 

Exhibit F: Television habits

Age 19: 
I took a lot of those online surveys back in the day... and in every one of them, I listed my favorite show as Laguna Beach. Or, since I was on a nickname basis with the show, Laguna.  I also bragged a lot about a project I did for a media class about how women are portrayed in reality TV. Which obviously justified my Laguna obsession.

Parks & Rec, House of Cards, Homeland.  

Exhibit G: Style

My style at 19. Just kidding. I was in a fashion show in college, and this is what they did to me. I was horrified.

Age 19:

Growing up, my next door neighbor's family owned a produce market, where I worked as a cashier when I was in college. I worked with a girl named Erica, whose father was my high school physics teacher, and who apparently thought I was pretty shallow based on the quotes that I [proudly] displayed on my Livejournal:

[sic]"today at work this girl i work with, erica, made some weird comment about how she was going to start sewing wings onto the arms of her clothes. i was like, 'okay erica you do that.' and then she was like, 'then im going to send the idea to mary kate and ashely so theyll start wearing it and then daci will think the clothes are cool.'

sad thing is SHES SO RIGHT."

"me: ow, crap, my nail broke
erica: was it pink and sparkly?
me: no...?
erica: oh, i was just wondering why you would mourn the loss of something that wasn't pink and sparkly."


I still admit to my random love of the Olsen Twins. I can't say that I dress like them, though, although I probably would shop Elizabeth and James if I could afford it. Also, my pink and sparkly phase is over.