Let the Israel posts commence...

A few things about Israel:

1. I have lived on this Earth for 29 years, and never once have I run smack into a glass door. 

In Israel, it happened to me twice.

It happened to Y once. 

Mazel tov, Israel, you pretty much have the cleanest glass in the world.

2. Sing it with me, everyone: ...and I'm proud to be an American....

3. On Sunday morning, our flight left from Tel Aviv at 5 am, with an 8 hour layover in Amsterdam, getting us home to Minneapolis at 7 pm the same day (so basically, we time traveled). Rather than go to sleep in Tel Aviv, we stayed up all night, fueled by ouzo shots and wine. When our plane landed in Amsterdam a few hours later, we took the train into the city for the day.  In other words, I was an international jet setter on Sunday. 

On Monday, I did nothing but organize my medicine cabinet. 

It was almost as much fun and left me with far less jet lag. 

4. I'm currently spamming Instagram with photos from my trip. They're all from last week, and I realize this isn't how Instagram is intended to be used, but I don't actually care. For 2 reasons: 

1) I don't think of Instagram as a way to gain followers or "enhance my brand". For me, it's just a scrapbook -- there have been plenty of times when I needed a pick me up and engaged in some instatherapy -- scrolling back through my pictures and realizing what a nice little life I have. 

2) Despite sharing far too much about my life on the internet, I have a fear that if I post photos while I'm out of town someone is going to come steal all of my stuff (because people are clamoring for my Target wardrobe and Ikea furniture). Although, if anyone was paying attention, my absence from social media was probably even more suspicious...