Inside my travel journal

I don't know about you, but I always bring a travel journal when I go on a trip. (Above, gold sharpie on a black moleskine, but how cute are these new notebooks from Rifle Paper?) How else would I record vivid memories and smart (really smart) commentary:

All quotes from my Media in the British Isles study abroad program in 2005 (I had just turned 21).

On what makes a good travel experience

"I knew the trip was off the a good start when I sat next to the 2 cutest guys on the plane from Houston to Gatwick."

On arriving in London and being confused

"We [exited the airport] to get on our mini bus... but we all crowded around the right side of the bus to get on. The bus driver was like UGH....."

On Paris versus London

"J'adore Paris! Well, really J'adore London a lot more. "

On history

"We ended up at the tower of London, which I really thought they could have made more interesting."

On things that are better than history

"Today we went to Topshop. It was AMAZING."

On adventures

"Olivia and I had a fabulous drunken heart to heart... then we peed in the bushes with the Finnish girls and got chased by a Quasimodo-ish bum."

On Dave Matthews

"It's like Dave and I always say: 'Turns out not where but who you're with that really matters.'"