Let's go: April

I've decided to whip my blogging self into shape by trying something that's never, ever been done before except for by every magazine ever and countless blogs: monthly themes (aka, an editorial calendar) based on the major themes in my life that month. 

If I get super ambitious, maybe I'll come up with daily prompts, if not, I'll play it by ear. 

To start off April, a month of travel stories, packing tips, photos, and more, I thought I would re-share my favorite, favorite travel story: the time I joined the likes of Bill Murray, Stephen Colbert, Tina Fey and basically 98% of the world's funny people and performed onstage at Second City. 

Adopt a loose interpretation of the word "performed" and read: Chicago, 2008.

Bloggers, I'd love to know: what's worked for you to pull yourselves out of a blogging slump?