high calorie weekend lessons

01. My food choices this weekend were probably not the healthiest per se, but when life hands you donuts and pie and cookies every once in awhile... you go with it.

02. Purim, a Jewish celebratory holiday that involves dressing up and drinking and making cookies called hamentaschen, is my new favorite holiday. For someone who hates small talk and is awkward around new people, putting on a werewolf mask is the perfect solution. For someone who likes cookies, well... cookies. 

03. I got some labs back this weekend, and I'm proud to announce that I apparently have the highest HDL levels that Y has ever seen. That's good cholesterol. These labs were taken before donutcookiepie-fest 2014.

04. This happened this weekend, too. I should really start a healthy living blog.

05. You can have brunch on a rooftop when it's 20 degrees outside: just make sure the rooftop has a retractable roof. This downtown restaurant is trendy to a fault, but we had a great time eating at the bar and listening to... the DJ. I'm sorry, do you patronize restaurants WITHOUT DJS? Preposterous. 

06. Lest you think I'm an insufferable, vapid twenty-something that does nothing more than brunch, eat baked goods, party in a wolf mask, and use the word "brunch" as a verb, I'll have you know that we also visited the Matisse exhibit at the Minneapolis Institute of Arts. I really loved it, in that way that makes me want to go back again, then read everything ever written about Matisse, try to paint something, then spiral into a deep depression about my lack of artistic talent. 

07. The Cosmos, while fascinating, puts me on the verge of a panic attack.