Ike lately (2014.1)

One Saturday, I was intently typing on my computer when I heard a noise. I looked up and saw this.  Apparently the noise I had heard was a chorus of angels.


"Um," Y said as we arrived home from dinner, "Why is your high school diploma on the floor?" I hadn't seen my high school diploma in years. My first thought: weirdest home burglary ever? Nope - just another case of my dog ate my diploma. Y's too. How Ike realized he needed to eat them in a pair, I'll never know. 


Usually when we leave the house, I say one of two things to Ike: Have a stinky day or the more practical No parties. This night, we came home to find that he clearly had not listened to the latter.


Proof that this dog will snuggle with anything he finds on the floor (if he deems it inedible). On a related note, when we first moved here Y was disappointed to learn that the haircut chain Great Clips was not, in fact, an entire store full of bag clips.


I thought Ike was chewing on a bone, but when I got a little closer I realized, nope, it was a wine cork. Turns out our dog might be a bit of an oenophile. (Please take a moment to appreciate that I spelled that right on the first try.)

I felt like I needed to show the world my amazing new sweatshirt, but Ike had other plans.

When Y was working nights (and sleeping days), Ike just didn't understand why he wouldn't wake up and play with him.