Dear bloggers, shut up.

Dear bloggers,

I hear this from you week after week:

I'm so glad it's FINALLY Friday. 

And then at the beginning of every month, you're all:

Gee, how is it already March? This year is just flying by.

Not only does this irritate me because it's so cliche (and why are you writing if you have nothing original to say?), it irritates me because we're all wishing our lives away and it makes me sad.

There's scientific evidence that life seems to move faster as you get older. I think it has to do with the fact that as adults, we're constantly planning for the future. 

What are we doing next weekend? 
I can't wait for spring. 
Save the date for this wedding in July.
Justin Timberlake tickets just went one sale. What are you doing 10 months from now?
Let's talk about the 2015 fiscal year. 

When those dates roll around, we're already mentally there.

I feel it every night, as I climb under my covers. As Ike jumps on the bed after me and turns in a circle 23 times, I think, huh, I feel like I was just here this morning waking up. And then Ike sits on my head with a giant sigh like he feels it too.

Recently, my nightly realization has started scaring me. Where did the day go?  So, even when I'm having The Worst Day Ever, or am bored out of my mind, or am sitting in a dentist's chair and my ears are ringing as the hygienist essentially scratches her fingernails on the chalkboard of my mouth, I never ever ever wish for it to be over. I know from experience that one day this time and place will be long gone and I'll be nostalgic for it (Case in point: I kind of miss studying for college exams. I am an incredibly fun person).

Since I started this post by calling bloggers out for being unoriginal, I'll now take a moment to post a quote so original that no one has ever, in the history of the world, thought of using it on a blog or pinning it on Pinterest.