Weekend lessons: snowshoeing, gumbo, & the Golden Globes

01. We went snowshoeing yesterday for the first time and... I don't think I get it. Why couldn't I have just walked? I would have been far less likely to trip. What am I missing here?

02. What's more obnoxious than the fact that I pay for Hulu Plus, yet still have to watch ads? The fact that I pay for Hulu Plus and have to watch THE SAME AD over and over. There were a few weeks where I was alternately laughing at a comedy and sobbing over the commercial where a kid tries to get home from college to say goodbye to his dying dog. Poor Boomer. Lately we've been treated to a Geico commercial that we basically have memorized: Hold still, Mr. Tickles. Don't get all caddy-wampus. Anyone else recognize that?

03. If you go to a Willy Wonka themed birthday party, brace yourself for a sugar hangover, not a hangover hangover. 

04. Southern food writer John T. Edge told me to try eating gumbo over roasted sweet potatoes. So I did. And I'm a believer.

05. Awards Shows are way more fun when you spend them with invisible internet friends. Also, I audibly squealed when Amy Poehler won. What were you excited about?

06. I slept in yesterday morning -- meaning I slept until 10 -- and I have to say I'm not a fan of sleeping in on the weekends. It's the only time I have to do whatever I want. Why waste it sleeping?