residents and those who love them

Sometimes I think that every other picture I have on my phone is of my husband (and dog) sleeping. But that's what happens with residents -- they sleep a lot. 

They also text you things like this:

When Y was in med school, most of my blog posts were about med school. These days, I rarely talk about residency because -- thank goodness-- Y's career doesn't consume my life anymore. I have my own job that has nothing to do with medicine, my own friends that talk about things other than our husbands, and a city full of distractions. 

But I kind of miss being a voice of sanity in an audience that sometimes could use a little...well, sanity. So many of the websites and blogs for medical spouses that I come across are doom and gloom, and life just doesn't have to be like that. 

Last January I started a second blog called Medicine: A Love Story, that had a lot of interest but became difficult to keep up with. The idea of it was features such as city guides, book reviews, FAQs, medical spouses groups' spotlights -- peppered with humorous anecdotes about medical life. (Such as this one). All of it with a good natured, you can do this and hey, is it really that terrible? vibe. 

I'm trying to think of an easier way to revive it -- weekly, bi-weekly or monthly e-mail instead of a blog? A weekly "column" on this blog? Just start posting on the other blog again and pretend it wasn't dormant for 8 months?

Any ideas from you brilliant Medical Monday people?