Whenever I'm asked what my last meal would be, I always answer the same way: Thanksgiving.

(Note: I don't think anyone has ever actually asked me this question... it's just one of those things I have stored away in case anyone does.)

But then I start to get nervous. What if I'm held at my word and never get to eat cereal again? Or french toast? Or huevos rancheros? No one should have to live their final moments without huevos rancheros.

So, in my head, I change my answer to breakfast.

And then I think about sweet potatoes. And stuffing. And macaroni and cheese.

(If you ever see me staring off into space, this is what is going through my head.)

I figured it was high time someone combined the two, so for our version of a friendsgiving, we went with Brunchgiving. 

Pumpkin bread pudding muffins. Pear thyme mimosas. Breakfast stuffing with a "fried" egg on top. Cinnamon biscuits with pumpkin gravy.

It was -- to use a very Minnesotan adjective -- delightful. 

(And yes, I do like to make logos to commemorate things that happen at my house. What do you do while you watch TV?)