DIY Pumpkin Air Freshener

I sometimes feel like I spend every waking hour out of my house, so on the weekend, I love to sit at our house and just enjoy the little home we've created. And in the fall, well, if it doesn't smell like pumpkin... what's the point?

I just had to share this 2 ingredient, $2.50* DIY for a pumpkin scented house. 

First you'll need to buy a box of pumpkin spice tea. I went with the Celestial brand, on sale at Target for $2.50.

Leave the tea, unopened, on your kitchen counter. Leave the house.

Here's where your second ingredient comes into play: your dog, who apparently has a zest for fall akin to that of a blogger.

Your house will smell like a pumpkin explosion. And you'll need to buy more tea.

*I said $2.50 but I really meant $2.50 plus adoption fees, yearly shots, food, treats, emergency vet bills, and other various canine accessories. So I kind of lied.