Happy October! Here's what you can expect from me this month:

>>>My magical first apple picking experience.

There were bees. There were senior citizens. But most importantly, there were apple cider donuts.

>>>My secret dream job.

While making our way across Ireland, I discovered my dream job. Is it sheep herder? Leprechaun? Stay tuned to find out. 

>>>6 more audiobook reviews.

Because traffic never stops. 

>>>A day in the life at my job.

Bathroom selfies, red pens, and Whole Foods cheese samples -- the true behind the scenes of working at a non-profit. 

>>>That time I went to a college homecoming concert and felt approximately 87 years old.

We'll talk about this tomorrow. Truly one of the most traumatizing experiences of my life. 

>>>A video of my summer

In the style of this, this and this video.

>>>My fall reading list

Organized in no particular order other than what's available at the library.

>>>The big Carol Convention reveal!

The Carol-mobile has been rented. The playlists have been made. Where will the Carols be thumping some serious minivan bass? Only time will tell. 

>>>A huge increase in posts about Ike.

Because in our house in my head, October is known as Iketoberfest. Ike's birthday is believed to be circa October 2008, and let's face it: I'm pretty happy he was born. 

(clockwise from top left:
1. that time we woke up and Ike was wearing a shirt
2. that time Ike curled up with Y to read a medical journal (they prefer NEJM over JAMA, in case you were curious).
3. that time Ike got really ridiculously muddy
4. that time Ike was really ridiculously good looking
5. that time Ike wore Y's socks (okay fine, I might have put them on him. But I swear on a pumpkin spice latte that he was actually wearing that aforementioned t-shirt one morning.)
6. that time Ike was extra snuggly and I thought maybe I was going to die that night and his doggy premonition could sense it, so he was savoring his last few hours with me. (morbid much?)