The Weekly(ish) Carol

Now that I've brought you up to speed on Carol Convention, I thought I would introduce you to the cast of Carols... and give them a bit of a clue in the process. 

the Carols in 2012

KTO and me in 2001, bowling after junior prom. 

KTO: In 1997, KTO's mom made the crucial choice to drop her off incredibly early for my bat mitzvah party. It was at the Embassy Suites, which as a kid seemed like a beautiful palace with a soaring atrium (and today feels just like another chain hotel), and KTO and I wandered around the atrium where we ran into our middle school PE teacher. For some reason, this was hilarious to us -- like, best friend making material. 

What KTO will love about Carol Convention 2013: The fall weather! Curling up with a scarf and a jacket and drinking/eating something pumpkin flavored. 


Rachel on the left, me on the right -- 1998

Rachel: The time honored practice of alphabetization led Rachel and I together the spring of our eighth grade year. Her last name started with Spin, I was Spie, and we were housed together at a regional youth group retreat in Memphis, where we had a "spa night" that consisted of soaking our feet in warm milk. It was the first of several bad spa experiences; years later we would visit the spa at the Mirage hotel in Las Vegas and I would be told by the aesthetician that I had pimples like a "teenager" (this was like, 8 years ago. I'm still bitter, okay?) 

What Rachel should pack for Carol Convention 2013: An extra sweater. I have a feeling the phrase "IT'S ABOUT TO SNOW!" -- Rachel's favorite when it gets below 75 degrees --  will be uttered many, many times.


AJL in Austin

AJL: When Rachel and I went to college together, I met A, Rachel's friend from high school. Besides being just a great friend in general, A is the first friend I turn to when I feel compelled to share a new song I love, important celebrity news (I was in the bathroom at my college gym when I got A's text about Heath Ledger), or a book that I loved. She also has the uncanny ability to send gifts that are exactly what I would pick out for myself, which is obviously why I keep her around. (I know A will silently hate me if I don't point out that she is more than just celebrity gossip and fashion advice ;))

What A will love about Carol Convention 2013: The celebrity homes, pastries at cute coffeeshops for breakfast, and the playlist I'll be putting together for our 4 hour road trip.


K: All I knew about K for years was that Rachel and AJL, who were her best friends in high school, called her "Cornbread". Needless to say, she had a lot to live up to.  K can speak intelligently on any topic, but can just as easily segue into something as plebeian as a hula hoop routine to Party in the USA (see above) or writing a top notch FB status update from her dog. 

What K will love about Carol Convention 2013: Although she will be disappointed that we missed the great meeting of minds that occurs in our secret location every year, the views will make up for it. 

Dana and K in New Orleans

Dana: Dana, Rachel and I lived in the same dorm our freshman year of college, and later lived together in an apartment on campus, where we enjoyed watching Sex and the City, following the exciting lives of Nick Lachey and Jessica Simpson, and singing Christmas Carols (of the Britney Spears variety) in July. Dana grew up in Thailand and has a tattoo, therefore, she is our exotic and worldly friend. For reference, she was also our "Miranda" when people were still defining themselves as Sex and the City Characters. (I think I was Steve.)

What Dana will love about CC2013: The hiking and the biking. 


Carol Convention II

Leila: Although she won't be able to make it this year, Leila still deserves a place in the Carol hall of fame -- I mean, her karaoke performance of 9 to 5 at the first Carol Convention will be revered for years to come. I've known Leila since middle school, and together with KTO we basically ruled our high school... if "ruling high school" means "spending Friday nights giving fake names to the lady at the Domino's drive thru and laughing hysterically".  We'll miss you Leila! 

Me and Leila at camp in 1998. Items of note: frog boxers. High socks.