new year ramblings

(card designed by Veronica's Graphics - who just so happens to be my co-worker!)

Pausing today to say happy New Year! It's the Jewish New Year, and if blogtember were a real assignment, I would definitely take today off and get an extra day to turn in my "homework". My friends were always jealous that I got to do that in high school-- little did they know I was actually sitting in synagogue, in the most boring three hour services of my short life, watching the minutes tick by at a glacial pace. 

At this point in my life, I can't remember the last time anything happened at a glacial pace. I go to bed at night feeling like I just woke up. Fridays confuse me, because although I'm happy it's the weekend, it feels like the week just started, and I feel guilty for wishing the time away.

I guess all that is just to say that although we don't really do New Year's resolutions in Judaism, I will take any excuse for a resolution (New Year, my birthday, every Monday) and maybe this year, mine should be to slow down and appreciate every minute. 

And, by the way, if I had three months to do anything in the world, it would definitely not be sitting in services.