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READING Self Inflicted Wounds, by Aisha Tyler. Sometimes I feel a little silly for writing a blog about myself -- like my life isn't all that interesting -- but the fact that Aisha Tyler wrote an entire chapter about eating frozen dinners in her dad's apartment and still made me laugh makes me feel slightly better.  

WATCHING House of Cards. Do you remember how creepy Kevin Spacey was in American Beauty? THIS IS CREEPIER. Sometimes it's so creepy/suspenseful that I have to look away and play with fonts and photos (see above) to keep myself from cringing.

LISTENING TO this playlist that is making me want to curl up in bed and feel all of the feelings of being 18 again. Konstantine by Something Corporate. Brand New. Jimmy Eat World. A whole lot of Dashboard Confessional. The playlist was made by a Twitter account I follow, @yourawaymessage, that I swear must be tapped into some kind of log of our old AIM away messages because it hits the nail on the head. IN THE CAR: Open, by Andre Agassi. The guy reading it has a spellbinding voice -- my attention was rapt as he narrated a tennis match.

THINKING ABOUT how happy I am that I'm no longer 18.  

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