Let's talk about a topic no blogger has ever brought up before: brunch. 

Fine, the subject of brunch has perhaps been explored in the blog world. But I was brunching before brunch was cool. As a kid, I ate cereal all. the. time -- including at that magical hour when breakfast and lunch intertwine.

In Shreveport, brunch hasn't really caught on. When we moved there in 2008, there were maybe three places that served brunch  -- and only on Sunday. Today, there are a few more places, but they leave a lot to be desired. 

I gave up on the most popular brunch spot in town after they made me an $8 fruit and yogurt parfait with canned blueberries. IN JUNE. I had literally just been blueberry picking the week before we ate there... I could have spared a few fresh ones for them.

During our third year in Shreveport, I brought up The Great Brunch Travesty with a new friend, K. She agreed, and thus began our weekly brunch club. 

We drew from a variety of inspiration: my childhood (matzah brei), K's time in Salt Lake City ("Mormon Funeral Potatoes"), cookbooks, blogs, and the fact that K had gotten an ebelskiever pan as a wedding present. 

In February, when we visited Shreveport, we of course had to have brunch. This time, the table was set a little differently, making space for the newest brunch club member: Little P.

Brunch greatest hits

carrot cake pancakes + huevos rancheros + carrot souffle

pumpkin banana ebelskievers +matzah brei

almond poppyseed pancakes + deviled eggs + fruit salad

homemade pop tarts (nutella and strawberry)

chicken and waffles (also know as That Time We Got The Guys To Cook)

bananas foster waffles

gingerbread pancakes + pear compote + bacon + scrambled eggs

beverages of choice: chai lattes, espressos, and bloody marys with homemade jalapeno vodka

 Today, in Minneapolis, I could literally try a new place for brunch every single day. But sometimes I find that I miss making my own. 

 (With a side of crazy medical stories, of course. )