I blogged every day in May! (no I didn't.)

Dear readers,

The idea of sitting down at my computer makes me want to scream.

In fact, sometimes it does elicit really loud noises of frustration. And every time, without fail,  Ike comes running and puts his paws on my lap to make me feel better.

It's cute, but it doesn't help.

A few weeks ago-- probably around May 8, the last time I blogged -- it took me 45 seconds (I counted, while cursing at the computer and trying to push Ike off my lap) to close a browser tab. That was IT. I  barely opened my laptop for the next few weeks, and as a result managed to have the blood pressure of a healthy 28 year old. I ignored the images in my head of Jenni (of Blog Every Day in May fame) wagging her finger at me for failing her challenge. I was free!

Then I realized I was sad that I couldn't tell you guys about the 10 mile bike ride I took to visit the house where F. Scott Fitzgerald was born, or the fact that I wore my bat mitzvah dress out to a bar, or that time I saw a crow attack a bald eagle from my office window.

So I faced my fears, opened my computer, and moved 25 gigs worth of pictures off of my computer.

It helped. A little. I can now close a tab in a record-setting FIFTEEN seconds.

But it's enough for me, so here I am on a Sunday morning blogging and I haven't raised my voice at my laptop once. Progress, right? 

All that to say, hello again. I think I'm back.