a moment in my day

Last night Mindy Kaling said something that made me think about my dog, Ike.

She was talking to Jon Stewart on The Daily Show, and Jon Stewart asked her when she found time to sleep.

Mindy said, "I have this thing where I don't want to be sleeping because when I'm awake it's so much more fun than when I'm sleeping."

Besides making my heart just about burst because this fabulously normal girl who is just an admittedly awkward comedy geek is living her dream, Mindy's comment made me think about one of the reliably great moments of every single one of my mornings.

It happens just after I wake up (which is usually on the 8th rendition of my iPhone alarm playing Suit and Tie, which is intended to pump me up in the mornings and just isn't really getting the job done). As I drift into consciousness, my bed is shaking a little bit, and it always takes me a few groggy seconds to figure out why.

And then I remember that I have a 55 pound dog with a powerful tail on my bed, and he. is. excited. about. life.

Finally! We're awake! I like to imagine Ike is thinking. Everything is more fun when everyone's awake! Think of all the adventures we can have today! 

(of course, I usually narrate this made up thought process out loud, most likely making Y wish I would go back to sleep and stop conversing with our animal.)

Ike's enthusiasm inspires me every morning as I reach over to hit snooze for the ninth time, thinking that even Justin Timberlake isn't worth waking up for. But then I think, duh, yes he is WHY CAN'T I BE MORE LIKE MY DOG? I should be so happy to wake up every morning. Getting the chance to experience a new day is a privilege, dammit. 

And then I usually hit snooze again. But making me think between snoozes eight and nine? That's quite a feat, dog. Well done.

Anyway, I think we can all learn something from Mindy and Ike. For example: Best friend is a tier, not a person (Mindy). Run away from your poop as fast as possible  -- preferably in circles around the yard (Ike). Why waste time sleeping when you could be awake, experiencing life? (Mindy and Ike, separately, although I imagine they would collaborate well together)