i write run-on sentences

today's prompt: what do you do?

writing a blog post in the Wicklow Mountains in Ireland

For today's topic, I started writing a list of all of the fascinating things I do, like press snooze eight times! or sing in my car! and then I thought, I just really wish I could go to sleep right now, and then I was all NO! JENNI IS COUNTING ON ME TO BLOG EVERY DAY IN MAY! and then I realized how pathetic I sounded, and then I thought, what is the point of this dumb challenge, and then I was like, NO, I must prove to myself that I can blog every day and then I got sad because I really, really wanted to go to sleep and then I thought to myself, SELF, you idiot, what were you doing for the last hour you were at work today? You were writing a blog post for your job, and in that blog post, you actually explained what it is that you do!

She was right (she being me). I had already completed today's prompt -- and gotten paid to do it, for that matter. As part of my job writing for a Jewish non profit, I post bi-weekly about being new to Minneapolis for a local Jewish blog. Here's a sneak peek of the post I wrote today:


I’ve had a little Russian boy on my mind for the past few weeks.
Let me explain: Part of my job is telling the stories of the people who benefit from our donors’ generous gifts. I’ve been able to tell a lot of inspiring stories in my nearly one year at Federation – stories of hope after disaster. Stories of eye-opening experiences. Stories of finding the strength to face another day.
I’m not going to lie, it’s a pretty cool job.


(want to know why I've been thinking about a little Russian boy? Click here.)