music for hibernating

Y comes home from work completely miserable sometimes. "I hate this rotation," he says, and then gives me some reason why. (Too stressful, too much poop, etc..)

As soon as he's on his next rotation, though, he's waxing nostalgic about the one he supposedly hated. "That was such a good month," he'll say, "I think I want to do that for the rest of my life."

I always call him out on it, but I kind of get it. When we first moved here, there were a few miserable days where we sat in our empty house, exhausted after a day of trips back and forth to Home Depot. We inhaled Chipotle on the floor while watching Girls and wondered whether we had made the right decision to move across the country. I started listening to unfamiliar music (via MPR's The Current) on my endless parking lot of a commute.

Now, whenever I hear my Minneapolis Summer playlist, I smile, thinking of those uncertain days that were so scary at the time. In hindsight, they seem full of adventure and the unknown, and I kind of miss feeling so lost.

Our first winter was a harsh one -- it's still going, in fact. Although the hope of warmer weather is all-consuming, I have a feeling that come July, after a particularly sweaty run or in the midst of a painful sunburn, I'll close my eyes and think about how invigorating it felt when a rush of -10 degree air hit me in the face. And this is the music that will trigger those memories, my soundtrack of winter 2012-2013: