{photos from a fall walk to our neighborhood coffee shop}

Yesterday, Y and I took Ike for a walk, and Y told me a story.

"I was leaving work yesterday with my coworker," he began. "And you know, I work on a big college campus. A cute girl walked in front of us wearing a really short skirt. I stopped in my tracks and grabbed my co-worker's arm. 'Holy shit,' I told her. 'Do you see that?' 

'What?' she asked. I nodded toward the cute girl. 

'That's the first time I've seen an ankle all winter. It's like Victorian England here!' My co-worker thought it was hilarious.

I started to laugh at his comment, and then stopped in my tracks. 


"What? It's funny, right?"

"You stole that from me! I already said that!"

"I did not."

"No... no, I have proof! You stole that from my blog!"

"Okay, fine. But she thought it was really funny."

"Did you give me credit?"


"Let me get this straight. You used my joke to comment on a college girl you were checking out... and then didn't give me credit?"

"I guess...."

Every married couple has this argument at least once, right?