the sunday currently

I'm linking up with Lauren today (finally!) for the Sunday Currently. Two things you should know about Lauren and I:

1. Neither of us had seen Dirty Dancing until we watched it together.... like, two years ago. I'm aware that this is absurd.

2. Fun fact: Lauren and Y did gymnastics together in high school. Yep, Y was a gymnast. Proof, from the walls of our living room:

 I love this photo of Y and my nephew
And, now for the currentlies:

reading Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can't Stop Talking. I've been trying to finish this book for a month. It's actually pretty interesting, but for me, reading non-fiction is like reading a foreign language: slow. I can read three fiction books to every non-fiction book, no matter how amazing the non-fiction. Case in point: Devil in the White City. Great book, thought I would never finish.  
writing in my head. I keep thinking of these great blog posts and articles in my head, and then forgetting about them by the time I make it to some paper. (Related: this article on writing in a notebook in the digital age)
listening to college basketball, and wondering if Muse anticipated the amount of airplay their latest single would get during March Madness. Also listening to Ike whine because some kids are playing catch with a tennis ball outside and THEY FORGOT TO INVITE HIM.
thinking about the amount of matzah ball soup I'm planning to consume tomorrow night. 
smelling the leftover turkey chili we're defrosting. Yep, it's still hardcore chili weather here. See the hoping entry below. 

wishing the place we tried to go to for breakfast this morning at 8 am, The Kenwood, had been open. I studied the menu last night and had picked out my perfect (albeit slightly odd) meal: a granola parfait, cheddar grits and a croissant. But unfortunately, we were dining too early -- they only sell pastries prior to 10 am. We're definitely not in the south anymore, where grits are acceptable -- maybe even mandatory -- at all hours. 
hoping some warmer weather decides to make its way up here. Y was working nights the last few weeks, and to distract myself from the creepy noises my house makes approximately ALL THE TIME, I kept the TV on. We got one station: CBS. This means a) that I was present for Selena Gomez's Bieber burn on Letterman and b) the news is on a lot, and the weathermen just love to talk about how a year ago, it was 75 degrees! We were wearing shorts! We were eating on patios! SHUT. UP. 

wearing the new hat Y's mom made for me. She's the best. You'll hear more about her and her handiwork later... if I can ever get anyone to help me out with a little winter accessories photoshoot. (Y has been fired. Any takers?)
loving my newest toy. Literally. I bought a toy. Well, a video game, if we're getting specific. Just Dance 4. It. Is. So. Fun. I'm just slightly worried I'm going to crash through to my basement in the middle of Call Me Maybe. 
wanting to be Mindy Kaling's best friend. Universe, get on that. 
needing to get started on my Passover baking -- chocolate souffle cupcakes and what we Jews like to call matzah crack. It's the only thing that can make matzah appealing. Well, besides kneidlach. And matzah brei. And maybe matzah pizza. And charoset. Did any of those words make sense to anyone else?
feeling better -- I pulled a muscle in my chest early this week. I blame chatarungas. Do you have any idea all the things you use your pectoral muscles for? Rolling over. Singing at the top of your lungs in the car to Demi Lovato. Sneezing (I sneezed the other day and screamed in pain. It was mildly embarrassing). Breathing. Et al. 
clicking coffitivity. For those times when you wish you were a freelancer working in a coffeeshop. 

(You guys, I just mentioned Selena Gomez, Carly Rae Jepsen, Justin Bieber, and Demi Lovato in one blog post. I swear I'm almost 29.)