Snow day. The world's most original title.

Ike has the right idea. That is how you should spend a snow day.

Here's a life update: I still think snow is pretty awesome. Ike, however, is less amused. Don't get me wrong, he still loves to frolic in the stuff. But the past two fresh blankets of snow have buried his tennis balls to the point of no return. 

It's okay, buddy. Spring is coming. Right?

I worked from home on this week's snow day, and I think I was busier than I've ever been at work. At least I was able to look at my cozy couch, watch the snow fall through the window, and blare The XX Pandora station. I think that beats sitting in two hours of traffic, like I did the last time it snowed. (I'm still bitter.)

By the way. Can we discuss the fact that I have terrible trouble memorizing facts, can't remember what happened in a movie five minutes after it's over, and yet, every time I hear the phrase snow day I remember that in ninth grade, there was a movie called Snow Day and it featured this song by Hoku, which I now have stuck in my head. Brain, 1; DJ, 0.