what do you wear when it's below zero?

Shopping for winter clothes is really overwhelming. My first thought was to go to somewhere like North Face or Patagonia, but then I realized that I work in an office...not in an ice fishing tent.

Dressing for Minnesota winter is actually pretty simple. First of all, you don't wear this when wind chills get to -38, as was suggested to me by a daily e-mail I subscribe to that suggests what to wear based on the weather (and does a pretty terrible job of it):

BARE ANKLES? Are you kidding me? I haven't seen an ankle in months. It's like Victorian England up here. Also, that outfit is ugly. You better believe I clicked "not my taste".

Anyway, like I said, dressing for winter is simple. You just wear what you normally wear... times three.  For example, in many of the photos below, I'm wearing two pairs of tights and leggings.

And of course, everything gets a giant coat and an assortment of knit accessories thrown on top. 

But that's just for the 12 second walk from my parking lot into my office.

Because contrary to what people seem to think, there are actual buildings in Minnesota -- we don't have to work and live in igloos.... or ice fishing tents.