So... I haven't blogged for over a month. I could tell you that I was channeling Elizabeth from E Tells Tales, who took February off from social media (where is she anyway?! It is March 3rd, lady) but that would be a lie.

I hate when people apologize for not blogging. A) I'm not delusional; I know that no one has been sitting around, angrily refreshing my blog over and over again. B) I'm just not sorry. I love blogging, but work has been busy, and there are restaurants to try and shows to attend and husbands to hang out with and family to visit in Louisiana. So, no, I'm not sorry for doing all of those things and using my remaining free time to work out/sleep/read. 

But so much has happened in February. Like eating at my favorite restaurant in the whole world (the peanut butter and jelly stand at the Detroit airport. I'm only half joking). Standing in an endless line for the bathroom at Book of Mormon and somehow making it back twelve seconds before intermission ended. Slipping on ice at least once per day. Learning how to do a fishtail braid! Drinking fresh squeezed blood orange juice straight from the tree in New Orleans. Inaugurating the newest, two month old member of our brunch club with carrot cake pancakes.  Eating cheetos at an underground bar and drinking cocktails so fancy we had to google the liquor. Singing along to an intimate acoustic performance of "5000 Candles in the Wind" (aka the bye bye Li'l Sebastian song) with the one and only Nick Offerman (RON SWANSON) while drinking single serve wine. 

Yep, it was a good month. 

(But I hope to spend a tiny bit more time here this month. Don't forget about me.)