deep thoughts about Enrique Iglesias

high school

The other day Enrique Iglesias's "Run" came on the radio, and I may have started to cry.

I didn't intend for it to happen. It's just that one second it was 2013; I was a 28 year old driving home from work in Minneapolis.

And then the song started and it was 2002, I was a seventeen year old driving home from school in Baton Rouge with my best friend and the weight of a thousand crushes and insecurities.

Old times, as my father used to say. If you're not careful, they'll gut you like a fish.
--Amor Towles, The Rules of Civility

I don't really miss high school. I look back on it fondly, but I don't know that I'd want to go back (and if I did it would only be to apply more sunscreen, resist popping all of those zits, make some better fashion choices, and invent the flatiron). I don't know know why hearing that old song made me so nostalgic all of the sudden.

Maybe it was being thrust into the past against my will. I'm happy here in the present, thank you very much Mr. Iglesias.