weekend lessons v8

01. Y is very picky about his ketchup. I had the nerve to buy Trader Joe's ketchup, and received this message on the refrigerator:

02. It is possible for your mouth to be so cold that you can't speak properly. Related: standing outside for the US Pond Hockey Championships might not be worth losing the ability to speak. There are only few things that make losing the ability to speak worthwhile, like transforming from a mermaid to a girl because gosh darnit you're ready to know what the people know.

02a. Hearing songs from The Little Mermaid at a piano bar on a Wednesday night will ensure that you have The Little Mermaid on the brain until at LEAST Sunday. 

03. Walking across a frozen lake in the windiest weather of life is a great bonding experience. I recommend it for couples, friends, and your next corporate retreat.

04. The League  is just as funny as everyone says it is. If you like characters you're not quite sure you respect, and profanity. Which I absolutely do.

05. If you try one thing that's floating around Pinterest right now, it should be this:

06. I should not be allowed to read books about dogs. 3 pages in to The Art of Racing in the Rain and I was already crying. 20 pages in and I've vowed to leave the TV on every day so Ike won't be lonely. Today I left him with The Avett Brothers Pandora station. Ike loves him some Americana.