weekend lessons v7

01. Seasons are exciting.

02. The biggest difference I've noticed since moving involves gym locker rooms.

I'm kind of a gym commitment-phobe; when I was in Shreveport I tried six different gyms. Here, I've already worked out at just as many. Pretty sure this makes me an expert on the subject of locker room behavior.

And this is what I've noticed: people in Minneapolis are completely comfortable walking around completely naked. In Louisiana, I never saw a naked person in a locker room. I'm not offended by it, and it doesn't bother me, I'm just intrigued by how different it is.

Let me clarify. I wasn't bothered by it, until yesterday when a woman bent over and her bare butt touched my jacket, which was patiently waiting in a cubby for me retrieve it.

As it was 20 degrees outside, not using my jacket during the 3 block walk to my car wasn't an option.

03. Mulled wine is my new favorite thing.

04. Always trust blogger book reviews. I'm on page 50 of The Language of Flowers, which I found out about through Write Meg, and I can't wait to read more. It's so pretty.

05. I've been listening to, and enjoying, Ed Sheeran's A-Team on the radio for the past 6 months. On Friday I saw a picture of him for the first time. HE'S LIKE, EIGHT.

06. In other radio related news, I heard Prince on the radio three times on Friday. Just another day in Minneapolis.