won't you be my neighbor?

I'm not sure why I've been waiting to tell you this story - it happened months ago. Back when it was warm enough to run outside, around a lake that's now frozen.

I've always lived in neighborhoods with lots of kids, which often makes for interesting stories. You may recall the time I saved a rogue baby

This story is different.

So, I'm running, minding my own business, listening to Girl Talk. On a corner up ahead, I see a little boy on a bike with training wheels.

He looks like he wants to tell me something, so I pull out my ear bud. 

"The police are looking for you!" he screams, all cute and little and unaware of the volume of his voice.

I pull my "camp counselor" voice out from the vault. It's high pitched and sing-songy. "Oh yeah? What did I do?"

"You were too sexy!"

Let me reiterate that this little Romeo was using TRAINING WHEELS.

I put my camp counselor voice away. "Um, excuse me?"

He replies, verbatim: "I can come to your house?"

What would you have done at this point, bloglandia? Would you have demanded to speak to his mother? Lectured him on the inappropriateness of everything that had just transpired?

I was way too weirded out for any of that nonsense. I just ran. As I ran away he shouted, "WHY NOT?!!?"

At least the kid wasn't glued to a screen of some sort....right?