semi DIY gift guide

Do you want to know what I did this weekend?

Silly me, of course you do. 

I spent hours reading countless bloggers' gift guides. I don't know why, but I can't get enough of these. The more ridiculous, the better. A $40 paper flower for your mom? $60 candles as a housewarming gift? I want it all. I especially love how specific these things get. 

For the artsy niece who picks her nose occasionally. 

 For the chic BFF who has a pet lizard. 

For the hipster boyfriend whose secret favorite movie is Aladdin.   

So you know what's coming, right? The first ever just dandy gift guide: under $25 gifts from the well-meaning friend whose DIY attempts look like they were created by an eight year old and who is still using her iphone 3 to take pictures so she attempts in vain to make them look nicer with an instagram filter.

Eh, we can work on the title later.

1. for your favorite brunch date

Fill a container (this is an empty clementine box) with brunch fare. Seen here: homemade chai syrup, homemade granola, homemade jalapeno vodka for bloody marys, and maple syrup.

2. for your beloved co-worker who wakes up early and works from home to catch up

A cozy shawl and socks, fun file folders, homemade granola, and a mug for the necessary coffee 

3. for the voracious reader

A new book and a new mug, wrapped in a soft blanket and adorned with a homemade bookmark.

Bonus idea: (see previous photo) a gift tag made from a Victoria's Secret catalog for your 14 year old brother-in-law.


I love coming up with themed gifts -- dare I say I'm kind of good at it? --  so hit me up in the comments if you've got someone hard to shop for. As long as they like anthropologie mugs and homemade granola, you'll be all set. (just kidding - I'm willing to think outside the [empty clementine] box.)

(By the way, the mother of all gift guides this year is To & From, which is approximately one million pages. It's amazing.)