bubble necklace > yoga

So I bought this necklace. 

I won't dwell on it, because I know what you're thinking.

Wow, another blogger with a knock off bubble necklace. What else is new?

But I will tell you this:

For the past year, I've been practicing yoga pretty regularly.

(Stay with me. I have a point, I promise.)

It helped with most of the things you think yoga might help with -- concentration, flexibility, strength... oh, and road rage.

(Side note: Sure, I can touch my toes now. But the most helpful thing about yoga is that it completely cured me of my road rage. I'm not sure how... something about inviting kind thoughts and standing on my head.)

The only thing yoga didn't help me with was my posture. I still caught myself hunching all the time, even after so many hours of muscle locks and ujjayi breath.

Enter the ubiquitous blogger accessory, the bubble necklace -- which, if you've never felt one, is a heavy, clunky piece of jewelry.

Here's a glimpse into my life post bubble necklace:

Arrive at work. Sit at desk. Check e-mails. Start making a to-do BAM.

That's the sound of my bubble necklace hitting my desk as I begin my descent into 8 hours of slumping.

The noise startles me (I hate loud noises. I can't be in the same room as balloons, but we can talk about that later.) and I sit up straight. This situation repeats itself basically every 10 seconds until finally I admit defeat to the bubble necklace. It's too cute to take off, so... I reluctantly sit up straight. Like this cheap Chinese piece of plastic is a 1950's schoolteacher rapping on my desk with a yardstick.

See, non-believers? There's more than meets the eye with the bubble necklace.   Next time you see one, be kind and know the truth. We don't wear it because it's cute. We don't wear it because every blogger and their mother and sponsor and favorite Etsy seller have one. 

We wear it because I'm now 3/4 of an inch taller.