map cork board + mini polaroids + my lonely bar

Even though I'm not a huge drinker, I've always wanted to have a fun bar in my house. And... I think I might finally have one.  

However, 98% of the people I know are pregnant. It looks like I'll be drinking rose lemonade champagne cocktails and gazing at my ingenious map project all by myself. 

(By ingenious, I mean that I copied some DIY instructions, and then modified a second set of DIY instructions and then combined them for MAXIMUM ORIGINAL CRAFTINESS.)

By the way, this map represents the version of the United States where Maine seceded. Or got broken off in our move, same thing. Hawaii and Alaska aren't accounted for, either.

The map DIY, an old one from Design Sponge, can be found here. In Louisiana, we used it to track where Y got residency interviews. 

The polaroid template can be found here. (Technically, the instructions are for making polaroid magnets).

Obviously, the polaroid pictures are pictures of us in [roughly] the place they are pinned. 

 This one is my favorite. How could it not be?