this is residency: waffles & rectums

On Y's most recent morning off, he was adamant about making me waffles.

It was a beautiful morning. There was nutella on the table. The waffles were warm.

And then Y opened his mouth.

Tip: don't let residents speak during meals. It never ends well. If you've learned anything from this blog, I hope it's that. (example a, b, , d)

 "Your rectum is amazing."

Imagine me choking on a mouthful of nutella. "What?!"

"I mean, not yours. Just in general. Rectums are amazing."

I did the only thing I know to do in situations like these. I blinked.

"Think about it. A small piece of smooth muscle and nerve endings can distinguish between liquid, gas and solids."


"It can let only gas through when there are solids present. It's so sophisticated."

I googled it, guys. This is the only time, ever, when sophisticated has been used to describe rectum.

And to think it all happened on my kitchen table. Over my waffles.