my bachelorette party

Meet Lauren.

Lauren is always up for an impromptu party -- especially one where fascinators are required. She always reads the book at book club -- especially if it's written by a blogger.  My one regret in my too-short time living in the same city as Lauren is that I didn't beg her to teach me how to put on makeup. Her engagement story involved Tebow-ing and I think that's just amazing. 


Lauren just got home from her bachelorette bash, and while she recovers, she asked me to post on her blog about my own bachelorette party. Spoiler alert, it involves a museum. I never claimed to be the most exciting person on the planet. 

While I was writing the post, I started getting all wedding nostalgic. It was a magical time, before Y talked about disgusting bodily functions over brunch, and Ike was just a wee puppy, and people liked us enough to give us kitchen appliances. 

So -- after you check out Lauren's sweet blog -- here are some pictures to help me overcome my mild case of nostalgia:

And one from our honeymoon in Ireland, for good measure: