okay, NOW I'm a crazy dog lady.

I've struggled for a long time about my inevitable transition to Crazy Dog Lady. There was the time I tucked Ike in. And then there was the sweater...

But I think it finally happened last week. Some transitions are seamless; so seamless you're not even sure they're happening.  But this...believe me, I knew.

I saw this dog at the vet:

Obviously, I asked its owner if I could take a picture. That's weird enough, right?

Then I got to my car and looked at the picture.

And then I talked to it.

 The general gist of my speech to this picture of a puppy: you're so cute, do you want to meet my dog Ike, you guys would get cutest couple in the puppy yearbook, you know. The usual.

It's like my brain shut off, and any sense of what is and isn't acceptable vanished.

But you know what? IT WAS THE BEST 10 SECONDS OF MY LIFE.