twin cities pride, lutefisk, and more!

A lot of you are probably thinking, "So you moved to Minneapolis. Big freaking deal." And you're right -- I read blogs every day about people who move across the world and have to adjust to new languages and new social norms. All I did was move north a few states, I didn't even change time zones.

But trust me when I say the culture is at least a little different up here. First of all, they eat something slimy and Scandinavian called lutefisk. We won't even go there. More to my point: a few weeks ago I went to the Twin Cities Pride Parade, which was like nothing you would ever see in my former home of Shreveport, Louisiana. 

Politicians, churches, and large corporations like General Mills marched in support of the LGBT community. The governor marched. I was amazed -- in a good way -- over and over again. In Louisiana, I get the sense that even if a company or religious group supported gay rights, they would never be so open about it.  

And that poster above -- the one that asks Do you know your law firm's family values? - the bottom of the poster reads Representing the legal needs of ALL Minnesotans. Where I come from, the phrase "family values" has an entirely different meaning. When Louisiana politicians fight to protect "family values", they are promoting "traditional marriage" and fighting attempts to "weaken" it. 

Do I even need to say that I prefer Minneapolis's definition more?

Anyway, Pride happened to be Y's first day of residency. So while he was getting the hang of writing prescriptions and answering his pager every other minute (technology is cyclical!), I was drinking sangria at 9 am and dancing on a rooftop with my new blog friend, Lauren (from Our Crazy Ever After). She's pretty funny, guys.  

That first day of being a (disclaimer: I hate this term) residency widow really set the bar high. There have been no more rooftops. Just... laundry.