ike's struggles

A lot of people have asked me how Ike is adapting to our move. In fact, more people have asked me about Ike than have asked me how Y is adapting to having a real life job where he works 14.5 hour days and is partially responsible for people's lives.

But I digress. Back to the interesting member of my family.

Ike's biggest challenge has been finding that perfect spot on our new couch. Please keep him in your thoughts as he continues on his journey. 

The other thing Ike's been getting used to is a smaller yard. The other day he ran into our fence while chasing a ball. I'll admit, I teared up when he yelped in pain as his snout scraped the wood.

I'll also admit that I laugh every.single.time the cut on his snout causes him to sneeze eight times in a row.