Weekend lessons v. 4

01. If you put in enough time as the significant other of a medical student, they let you graduate, too. (Okay not really... I got my own master's degree. But I should have at least gotten a certificate for my roleplaying skills.)

02. Y thinks very highly of himself. In the days leading up to graduation, he kept trying to whistle Pomp and Circumstance...but what came out was the Presidential March.

03. The beginning of your birthday month is the worst time to move. I just realized I'm going to miss all of the gift cards that stores send out during your birthday month. As I've gotten older, that has come to be one of the few perks of birthdays. 

04. There is this video... from The Mickey Mouse Club... that involved Ryan Gosling, JC Chasez, and Justin Timberlake doing some kind of body roll. I had never seen it before, but at least 2 members of my book club remembered this dance move as something that made their elementary school hearts beat a little faster. Do you remember it?

05. I had a really important idea for an invention this weekend: a parental control-like feature that doesn't protect users from inappropriate adult content... it protects users from SAD STORIES ABOUT ANIMALS. They're EVERYWHERE. I can't do it anymore. But I can't not click when I see Baby Rhinoceros Cuts Off Tusk to Save Dying Sloth or whatever Huffington Post is reporting on at the moment. 

06. Becoming a doctor doesn't change a person too much, apparently. Y has spent his first few days of doctor-dom watching 30 Rock reruns and coming up with a code name for the walkie-talkies we have for our 16 hour drive to Minneapolis. He's trying to choose between Tin Sparrow and Bronze Viper. I think I like Bronze Viper....M.D., obviously.